Bags and Pouches

Nothing is more usefull than a pouch, a bag, to carry and hide our small secrets. Sometimes simple, and sometimes crafted with art. Always lined.

Large room pouch – Lined, inside pocket
Small bags for walking : cellphone, keys …hand stitching front
Total upcycling of upholstery samplers

Boro stitching

Boro stitching

Mending stitch

Hand stitching and embroidery

Mending stitch

Boro stitch

Hand quilting

Made using blue scraps and Boro hand stitching
Boho style – Vintage fabrics, laces – Hand embroidered – Crochet finishing
Japanese kimono fabrics – satin lined – boro stitches
(Tissus japonais pour kimonos – doublure satin – cousu main points boro)
Patchwork style – All Japanese kimono fabrics

Curved Collection – 1

Curved Collection – 2

Curved Collection – 3

Curved Collection – 4

Curved Collection – 5

Curved Collection – 6

Curved Collection – 7 – “Frida” (pouch or bag)

Hand dyeing pouches – 1/2
Crossbody small bags / Petits sacs bandoulière
Craft carrying large room bag with inside pockets Grand cabas-nombreuses poches intérieures – 1/2
Paris, forever
Free style
PORTRAIT Collection – Vintage elegance –  

Squares Collection. 4 – Lined – 18×24 cm –
Squares Collection Pouches – approx. 20x15cm – Lined – Velcro fastening
Square Collection Purses – 14x13cm – Lined – Velcro fastening
Storage bags for the car
Silk shoulder Bag – 22x24cm – Silk lined
Linen shoulder Bag – Boro stitching front and back
Flat pouch Collection Romantic
Flat pouch Collection – Patch Plays –
Dots on Star Stitch
Modern crochet
Bright, vivid, sparkling colours –